When speed is of the utmost importance and millseconds make the difference

Air fiber, what is that exactly? A Comsave radio relay connection is a digital radio connection between two satellite dishes, using electro-magnetic waves to transfer the data signal. Each terminal point is equipped with a transmitter and receiver. The data signal offered is modulated in the transmitter to a radio signal and on the other side, in the receiver, demodulated. Evidently, our professionals install this connection from A to Z for you. Would you like to know if air fiber is available for your location? Check your postal code now and find out


  • High-speed internet up to 10GB/s and even faster than business fiber 
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas or business where speed is priority 
  • Uptime up to 99,98% 
  • No health risks, no interference by other users
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The highest internet speed possible

The latency for a business radio relay is only 0.001 seconds, so it is ultrafast. The reason for this is that air offers less resistance in comparison to business fiber.


Set up in less than 6 weeks

Business air fiber can be set up in less than six weeks time for any location in the Netherlands. It is however essential for Comsave to have a site survey at your location to determine the best line of sight to the nearest transmission tower.


Professional advisors

You are always best assisted by our advisors to provide the right answer. There are many different reasons for choosing either fiber or radio relay. If speed is the most important aspect for you, or you are working at a temporary location, or if you wish to avoid excavations, we recommend radio relay. For more information, contact us.


No health risks

Comsave makes frequent use of radio relay. There are many misunderstandings about radio relay, particularly in terms of reliability, safety and public health. Due to the use of modern equipment, professional installations and radio planning all these issues are obviated, making radio connections a valid alternative for fiber connections.

customized connections

Customized connections

Every organisation has a different way of using the internet, depending on the usage and the number of employees. A company that merely sends emails and surfs on the internet requires a business internet connection that differs from that required by a multinational. Internet over business glass fibre is deliverable in many different speeds. At Comsave we supply all speeds available, being able to always offer you a suitable connection.

Check your speed needs

Is your organization located in a business center?

Comsave developed the ultimate offer for companies located in a business complex. 

Business Centers

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