Endless Business VoIP possibilities for a fixed price

Is your business telecommunication ready for the future? Use Voice Over IP (VOIP) your telecommunication runs via your internet connection. Only one digital network is required for both speech and data services. We make sure to guarantee your quality of your telecommunication service within the network.
Using Hosted VoIP, the old-fashioned analogue telephone line and switchboard become superfluous, because telecommunication takes place through the internet. You can terminate your old telephone lines and switch… with number portability.


  • Always and everywhere available, whenever you desire
  • From any device (laptop, tablet or smart phone)
  • All functionality and innovation from the cloud
  • Access to your address book from anywhere
  • Integration with for instance Outlook
  • Integration of fixed and mobile: reachability at one number
  • Business internet and telecommunication over 1 line

Automatic call recording

All conversations are recorded automatically and saved for 7 days as a standard. The recording can be kept permanently, deleted or shared with colleagues.


Setting queues for customers

Callers can automatically be placed in a queue. You can see who is/are waiting and you can select the callers in the sequence you require.

chat history

Extensive conversation history

This function provides direct insight in all conversations that you had. Conversations of colleagues with the same relations are also visible if the function is activated.

number pad

Options menu

‘Select 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for Other questions.’ You can easily compile the options menu yourself. As many as you like and it is even possible to create an options menu after an option/selection.

answering machine

Answering machine

Behind each telephone number an answering machine with its own unique message can be installed.


Conference call

Setting up a conference call is easy for everyone working with the soft-phone.


Using a mobile phone as a VOIP device

Mobile telephones that support SIP, can be used as a softphone.


Calling from your computer using a headset

The PC becomes a telephone by connecting a headset or handset. Making phone calls via the PC is easy, cheaper and offers plenty more functions than a desktop phone.

night day

Day and night mode

Using the day-night mode, the answering machine is set automatically, if your company is unavailable for telephone calls. You can also select other absence scenarios, such as an options menu or connection to a mobile phone. A unique feature is that multiple absence scenarios can be set for different moments in a day.



Each user can record his/her own voicemail announcement message. If desired, voicemails can automatically be submitted as an email.


'On hold' music

A piece of music or a spoken message can be broadcast while callers are being connected or queueing.

address book

Address book

VOIP by Comsave has an advanced address book, allowing different ways of finding contacts and sharing relations’ addresses.

customized connections

Customized connections

Every organisation has a different way of using the internet, depending on the usage and the number of employees. A company that merely sends emails and surfs on the internet requires a business internet connection that differs from that required by a multinational. Internet over business glass fibre is deliverable in many different speeds. At Comsave we supply all speeds available, being able to always offer you a suitable connection.

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